Cutting edge research

South Australia pushes the envelope to be the best in cutting-edge research. Home of some world-renowned inventions such as penicillin and sunscreen, our state has long been delivering. Here are some of our most recent achievements.

South Australian immunoGENomics Cancer Institute (SAIGENCI)

A new research institute that will be a part of The University of Adelaide and the Adelaide health precinct, BioMed City, delivering cutting-edge diagnosis and treatments.

Australian institute of machinery learning (AIML)

A part of The University of Adelaide, the Institute does world-class research across a range of fields and is ranked second in the world for its research on computer vision.

South Australian research and development institute (sardi)

A research and development institute whose programs focus on increasing the productivity, sustainability and adaptability of the state’s agriculture, food and wine, fisheries and aquaculture and bioscience enterprises, create opportunities for market growth, address barriers to growth and provide applied solutions.