The SA Advantage

What are the things people know about South Australia? Short commutes, affordable housing, a total land area of 983,482 square kilometres (379,725 square miles), which is similar in size to Egypt, the Canadian province of Ontario, or the combined areas of France and Germany. Or maybe that it shares borders with all other mainland states and the Northern Territory.  As much as we feel like a well-kept secret, people have been noticing us for quite a while, here’s what we’ve been told.

The Most Liveable City in Australia

According to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index 2021, Adelaide, our capital city, ranks third in the world for liveability, highest in Australia and only just behind Auckland and Osaka – which sees it moving up seven places from its last ranking in 2019.

Buoyed by its strong COVID-19 response and with an excellent ranking of its healthcare and education, it landed 3 spots higher than the next Australian city (Perth, WA) to make the list Perth.

To explore the rankings further click here.

A Friendly Place To Be

In 2019, Big 7 Travel asked themselves, where are the friendliest cities and towns in Australia? They asked people to consider a range of factors, the ease in getting around a place, the interactions they’ve had there.

It was said that both the city and suburbs here were friendly to all and the city had a great ease of navigation.

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The Most Honest City in Australia

An international study done by German data analytics group Twinner in 2021, called the honest city index, looking at 350 cities and then shortlisting 75 prominent cities around the world, with Adelaide, our capital city, ranking third behind Zurich and Tokyo.

The index attempted to rank honesty based on how honest citizens felt different sectors of their society.

To explore the rankings further check it out here.

On the top regions in the world to visit

In 2017, well known Lovely Planet, put South Australia as a top five must-see region in the world. The list features other well known areas such as the Azores in Portugal and Taranaki in New Zealand. This isn’t the first time South Australia has been pointed out by the group, in 2014 Adelaide made it’s top 10 cities in the world to visit list.

The list says “South Australia offers the coolest mix of brilliant wine country, abundant produce festivals, stark and stunning tracts of picturesque Aussie outback and crowd-free beaches that could make even the Bahamas jealous.”

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A great place for a glass of wine

The 2021 World’s Best Vineyards list was released which shares ” the best places to taste terrific wines and learn about winemaking and grape-growing.” The 3 Australian wineries in the top 50 are all located in South Australia, with Henschke Wines coming in at 25, d’Arenberg at 31, and Penfolds Magill Estate at 37. Each of these places offers amazing wine, food, views, and atmosphere, to truly immerse you in the South Australian wine culture.

You can view the whole list here. And with over 700 wineries across our state, you’ll always find someplace new to explore.

The home of amazing beaches

Everyone associates a great beach with being in Australia. And that’s true, amazing beaches can be found round the nation, South Australia is no exception. With 30kms of beaches just on Adelaide’s doorstep alone, the options are endless.

South Australia had 2 beaches in the top 20 best Australian beaches for 2020 list, done by Tourism Australia, including South Port Beach and Pondalowie Bay. Don’t take their word for it though, explore the 1,600+ beaches located around our state and let us know your favourite.