• Come to the South

Sustainable South Australia

South Australia leads the way nationally in regards to sustainability. The first state to offer an incentive for recycling cans and bottles, we currently divert a large portion of waste generated to be automatically recycled or composted. In 2020, for an hour in October, the entire state was powered on solar energy. This is just the tip of the sustainability goals our state is working towards.


What are the things people know about South Australia?  Short commutes, affordable housing, a total land area of 983,482 square kilometres (379,725 square miles), which is similar in size to Egypt, the Canadian province of Ontario, or the combined areas of France and Germany. Or maybe that it shares borders with all other mainland states and the Northern Territory. As much as we feel like a well-kept secret, people have been noticing us for quite a while, here’s what we’ve been told.