Adelaide’s future industries

South Australia has exciting innovation around every corner – check out some of the industries we are excited about here.



Adelaide is home to the newly established Australian Space Agency. Founded in 2018, the agency is based at the Lot Fourteen Innovation Precinct. 75+ additional space-related organisations call South Australia home, making us the national centre of the space industry. Supported by the South Australian Space Industry Centre (SASIC), the state is looking to further the industry by supporting entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovators. Explore all there is, the stars are not the limit.

Health and medical industries

With research, education and care facilities located in one precinct at Adelaide’s BioMed City, Adelaide supports an innovative and exciting health and life sciences sector. This includes the state’s flagship Royal Adelaide Hospital, world-class education facilities and staff from the major universities, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), and a new building (The Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research) on the way.

Food & Wine

Across the state, there can be found world-renowned chefs, international award-winning wines, and incredible produce. Named one of the Great Wine Capitals of the World, and home to Tasting Australia’s annual smorgasbord of excellence, there is no lack of history, innovation, and future-focused work. Whether you are a foodie, a wine connoisseur or a purveyor of local produce, explore all we have to offer.

Creative Industries

South Australia is home to internationally recognised artists, producers, creators, innovators, and leaders across a range of industries. From film production, to video game creation, and from hand-crafted furniture to multi-media arts, there is a bit of everything and a home for it all here. Getting involved in music, craft or screen can be embraced through a wide ranging way of doing things. To explore your creative side, come to SA.


If you are interested in the connectivity of everything, SA can be your place, on the cusp of tech frontiers, innovation abounds in cyber security, quantum computer, Artificial Intelligence and more. It is home to the Australian Institute of Machine Learning (AIML) – ranked second in the world in computer vision research. With entrepreneurs and start-ups about in this sector, there is always a way to get involved.


An exciting and growing industry, over 25 cyber specialist companies are already growing here in SA. The state is also home to the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C), which is leading Australia’s cyber community. Explore the cyber industry.


South Australia has a wealth of energy-related activities, from petroleum to hydrogen transport, carbon capture storage and geothermal energy resources. As a global leader in the transition to clean energy, South Australia is the place to be. With over $20 billion of investment in the development pipeline from solar farms, wind farms, hybrid farms, and battery storage, South Australia could be generating more than 500 percent of the state’s energy needs by 2050.


South Australia is home to 7 of the world’s top ten defence businesses. Defence is about world-renowned innovation, world-class research and development and delivery of complex projects. From naval shipbuilding to cybersecurity and big data, defence covers a wide range of skills.


To explore jobs in some of these industries check out South Australia’s Careers Hub.