Hikes & hills in every direction

Whether you’re more of a toes-in-the-sand or toes-in-hiking-boots type of person, you can find your paradise in the state’s gorgeous hills and beaches.

Morialta Falls

Enjoy a leisurely stroll or strenuous hike in the Morialta Conservation Park, a stunning collection of woodlands, gorges, and even waterfalls. With beautiful trees, creeks, and rocky landscapes, the conservation park is a great spot to take in natural wonders and get a workout! There’s a 1.9km walk to the first lookout, a 4.1km walk to the second falls, and a 4.5km walk to the third falls.

Mount Greenly

About an hour’s drive from Port Lincoln, a beautiful SA city known for its oysters and shark diving, Mount Greenly is a hike for true nature lovers. The 45-minute hike, which is rocky and covered in wildflowers, ends in views of the secluded Greenly Beach, vibrant yellow canola fields, and rural SA’s lush farmland. Once you arrive at the top, you can place a rock on the ever-growing pile of stones for those who’ve shared the same unparalleled, uninterrupted vista.

Mount Lofty

A favourite for Adelaideans, Mount Lofty is popular among hikers and those after a fun activity with friends. The walk, which has a café at each end, is busy for good reason; The gum trees and mossy rocks are worth seeing on the way up, and the view over Adelaide is certainly worth the journey once you reach the top!