Restaurants that aim to impress

While all South Australia’s restaurants aim to impress in one way or another, these eateries do so through upscale fit outs and award-winning cuisine.


Shōbōsho is high energy Japanese dining with plenty of light, colour, and neon signs. There is lots happening on the plate too, including stuffed dumplings with kimchi and frying rice with char siu pork. While it can be very hard to resist the yakitori, the katsu sandwiches are also a must. With plenty of Japanese whiskey for all to enjoy Shōbōsho is a place you must go to.

Golden Boy

Golden Boy is a Thai Asian restaurant offering a Tuk Tuk shared dining experience which is tailored to the guests’ tastes and desires and delivered across a series of courses so you can explore their broad menu.

The Lane Vineyard

The Lane, located in the beautiful area of Hahndorf, offers delicious food and wine, complimented with a beautiful view. The amazing service provided by The Lane’s friendly and knowledgeable staff is also the talk of the town.

Osteria Oggi

In the heart of the city is Osteria Oggi, affectionately shortened to ‘Oggi’. This Italian piazza-themed restaurant is known for its incomparable freshly made pasta featuring sophisticated flavours using seasonal produce of ‘today’ (that’s what ‘Oggi’ means in Italian). Special mention goes to the polenta, pork sausage ragù and pecorino – it’s the ultimate in heart-warming dishes that will leave even the fussiest of eaters satisfied.

We can’t forget to mention the very photogenic Private Cellar available for small corporate or private functions.


Fishbank is the newest seafood restaurant in town. Known for their sustainability, Fishbank has all seafood sourced from Australian waterways and delivered whole to the restaurant where they prepare it fresh each day! Not only that, but many don’t know that they use a ‘fin to scale’ approach in their kitchen, ensuring they use every party of the fish where possible to minimise the impact on the environment.

Guests have the option of dining in the restaurant or bar, both of which have comprehensive food choices. We recommend visiting before heading a game at Adelaide Oval – the staff will ensure you make it to see the first bounce, don’t worry.


South African-born, French-trained chef Duncan Welgemoed has worked for the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay. In 2014, he opened Africola on the fringe of the city and introduced us to his famous Peri Peri chicken and the tea sandwich with Peri Peri drippings.

Africola is big on flavour with a very fun vibe – great for those in need of a relaxed evening featuring world class food.

Peel St

With the menu written on the wall, Peel St instantly offers you something different in the dining experience. It’s simple, fresh and delicious with a strong menu, but the banana blossom is the star of the show here.

Herringbone Restaurant

There is always a reason to go back to Herringbone restaurant. With their exceptional seasonal menu, you can experience new and amazing dishes and flavours time and time again. With extremely knowledgeable staff and a great atmosphere, Herringbone is a great place to go.

Sôl Bar & Restaurant

This rooftop bar and restaurant is home to spectacular 270º views of the Hills right through to the Coast. Headed by Kane Pollard, Sôl has a strong focus on sustainability, with key ingredients sourced across the state. We love that the menu features the distance travelled to source the key ingredient in the dish – from herbs just metres away right through to 652km away in Port Lincoln.

A fantastic choice if you’re after plant-based menu and the bar menu offers gourmet selections if you aren’t after the full set menu.