Instagram-worthy cafes

Let’s face it: We all want a good photo sometimes. Luckily for us, Adelaide’s diverse eateries have stylish backdrops for every aesthetic.

My Kingdom for a horse

My Kingdom for a Horse has bright, multi-coloured mural, pink booth tables and plants in a spacious dining area, making it a fun and picturesque spot for brunch. Winner of best café dining in Adelaide’s CBD, the brunch spot also serves up specialty coffee and hearty and healthy meals, so be sure to get more than just a photo when you go!

Coffee in common

Hindmarsh café Coffee in Common is a minimalist’s dream. Set in a revamped warehouse, the new brunch spot has an exposed ceiling, a spacious dining area, and a neutral-toned service counter in the centre of the room. In addition to its aesthetically pleasing look, Coffee in Common also has a delicious menu with items like breakfast tacos and a range of creative toasties.

Love, Stephy

For lovers of pink and sweet treats, Instagrammable café Love, Stephy is absolutely worth a visit. The eatery, conveniently situated on the CBD’s Hindley Street, has velvet pink seating, hanging globe lights, and rose-adorned windows. The sugary eats are photo-worthy as well, with multi-coloured macaroons, high tea platters, and glossy cakes for purchase.


cafe komodo

Get ready for shabby chic styling and live music at Café Komodo! The Prospect eatery has records lining the walls, a quirky courtyard with mismatched seating, exposed tin and wood roofing, and a narrow entranceway surrounded by shrubs. If you’re after an eccentric, down-to-earth photo with a side of live music and quality food, Prospects Café Komodo is the spot for you.

hey Jupiter

Say ‘bonjour’ to bright green tones and a European-style laneway street at Hey Jupiter. The French-inspired café has chartreuse-framed tile walls which read “Hey Jupiter” underneath striped awnings. With outdoor seating on popular Ebenezer Place laneway  or quaint booths indoors, the café doesn’t have a bad backdrop – and its French cuisine won’t disappoint either!