Louise Nobes

A place where you can have it all!

Are you SA born and bred, or has it become home more recently? Tell us about why SA is home for you.

Born and bred! I have lived in other parts of Australia, rural NSW and Tasmania, however Adelaide has always been home. I was trained as a social worker in Adelaide and started my career in the Northern suburbs. I believe, due to career choice, I didn’t need to move for better opportunities, I was always looking to support locals. As I moved into entrepreneurship and innovation, I found that all this time spent in Adelaide building networks and collaborations has been a real unfair advantage for how I have been able to bring new solutions to very complex societal problems.

Where do you spend your time?

During the start of COVID, we (family) sold our suburban home to take the leap into off the grid living just past the Adelaide Hills. This life style change, is truly a magical experience for our family! Outside of work, we spend time on the land, with animals and community and always exploring the wonders of our beautiful state. I’m so lucky to have the best of both opportunities in Adelaide – a busy professional career and a grounded, connected to land lifestyle away from work.

What do you do and why here?

I think, now as I am getting older, I see myself as a stubborn, creative, changemaker, who is never satisfied with the status quo. I am a founder and CEO for a social innovative company that has brought to Australia the groundbreaking French software engineering school called ‘42’. The school is truly an unrivalled concept that ensures anyone, from any background can be trained in coding. ‘Great minds are everywhere and someone’s social status should not hinder them from learning’. I believe education should always be free – at 42 you will never pay for the best educational training, we don’t care about your background, just your willingness to learn.

It’s the networks and relationships first approach to everything we do, which I truly believe is why 42 opened in Adelaide. To bring such significant change to education, it wouldn’t have been possible for this to occur disconnected to strong networks, government support and industry engagements.

What are your favourite things to recommend to people new to South Australia?

I’m a lover of the side walk bars, large open spaces to explore, the great hiking trails on our doorstep and our famous Adelaide Central Market, which has the most amazing food experiences and atmosphere. If you can then also do what you are passionate about in a city so beautifully curated to have everything available to you, what a great place to live!

What is your tip for other locals?

Everyone I speak to knows how special Adelaide is and they all have their favorite spot, memory as a kid or something new they have experienced. My tip is just to continue to celebrate Adelaide, try more new things that you may have once travelled for.

Describe SA in one sentence.

A place where you can have it all!

What’s the best thing about living here?

Being able to live just far enough away from the CBD, that I can still commute too, but truly feel I am a million miles from anyone when I am home and can see no one around me, but the breathtaking landscape of Australia.