Lyrian Daniel

We have such a strong research community, allowing us to work with the very best globally, while enjoying the intimacy of a smaller city.

Are you SA born and bred, or has it become home more recently? Tell us about why SA is home for you.

SA has always been home for me. I grew up in the Hills and while the city is home for now, I will always feel most at home among the intense greens of the Adelaide Hills. SA remains home for me because of the life that it affords. Space, proximity, and people full of heart.


Where do you spend your time?

I work on North Terrace and live in the inner south-eastern suburbs. Before work, I love taking the time for a walk, whether around the suburbs, or parking a little further away from work to stroll through the parklands or along the Torrens. The herb garden at the Botanic Gardens is a lovely spot for a quiet break during the day. My favourite lunch spots are Community at Lot Fourteen, the Exchange on Vardon Avenue, or the Scenic Hotel at Norton Summit if you’re able to get out of the city. Evenings and weekends are spent pottering – in the garden, around the house.


What do you do and why here?

I work at The University of Adelaide in the School of Social Sciences, and as Deputy Director of the newly formed Australian Centre for Housing Research. While small, Adelaide has always been known for its strength in housing and urban research. Prior to COVID, we were able to travel to collaborate with national and international colleagues. The pandemic has brought the world to us. We have such a strong research community, allowing us to work with the very best globally, while enjoying the intimacy of a smaller city.


What are your favourite things to recommend to people new to South Australia?

Feel welcome. One of the most wonderful ways to feel home is to meet fab South Australians. Meander down to Willunga for Papershell Farm’s Arts and Culture program, or heady summer festival, Utopian State. Chat to the folks at Regions Cellars in Dulwich – you’ll soon learn about all the exceptional small batch winemakers across the state. In autumn, head out to the pine forests for a workshop on mushroom identification and foraging. Whatever you love, you’ll find warm and welcoming people keen to spend time over shared interests.


What is your tip for other locals?

Take a day off during the week. Drive up to the Hills, across the Fleurieu, down to the beach. Have nowhere in particular to be. Take a walk in a forest, stock up your cellar, discover the wee roadside and farm-gate stalls, pause for a leisurely, long lunch. Rediscover this beautiful state.


Describe SA in one sentence.

Quietly doing amazing things.


What’s the best thing about living here?

The deep contentment of landing at the airport after being away, exhaling and feeling home.