Lachlan Cibich

A place to explore and call home, with opportunity for all.

Are you SA born and bred, or has it become home more recently? Tell us about why SA is home for you.

I am a born and bred South Australian. I spent my first 15 years in regional South Australia (Port Lincoln), and have lived in Adelaide ever since. Whenever I think of South Australia, I immediately feel a sense of home and pride. South Australia is home to me for many reasons, mostly due to my family and friends. I have also had the fortunate opportunity to study and build a career where I get to make a tangible contribution to our community. South Australia also has a proud history as a socially progressive and inclusive state, one that continues to strive for people to participate equitably in community life and be free from discrimination in all forms.

Where do you spend your time?

I split my time mostly between my local neighbourhood in Blackwood and the CBD for work. I also enjoy spending time outside of the city as much as I can, predominantly in the Fleurieu Peninsula. This is the best place to unwind from the daily corporate grind.

What do you do and why here?

When at home I like to frequent my favourite local cafes (B3 in Blackwood is great for coffee) and walking my dog through the local national park. I live amongst the trees and a lovely community which is the best place to relax. When the sun is shining, we all jump in the car to visit our favourite beach at Brighton or into the Adelaide Hills or the McLaren Vale for great food and wine. Our amazing food and wine culture is priceless.

What are your favourite things to recommend to people new to South Australia?

I love to recommend people getting a taste of both the city and regional offerings. In Adelaide, you must check out Leigh Street and Peel Street to experience some of the best wine and food in a down to earth vibe (Leigh St Wine Room is a great option). I would highly recommend a visit to Tandanya and the SA Museum’s Australian Aboriginal Culture gallery to learn more about the rich history and contribution of South Australia’s First Nations people. Regionally focused, I would always recommend visiting my hometown, Port Lincoln, and its surrounding area. There is a plethora of food, wine and action-filled fun to enjoy! Be sure to check out Rogue & Rascal for a great coffee!

What is your tip for other locals?

Explore as much as you can and don’t judge a book by its cover – embrace and celebrate the emerging talent that SA has to offer, particularly when it comes to food, wine and cultural offerings. Some of the best places I have visited have been the new hole in the wall venue, or the old building I’ve driven past countless times without venturing in to see what is in store (Victor’s Place, on the edge of the McLaren Vale, is one such find that I can’t recommend more highly).

Describe SA in one sentence.

A place to explore and call home, with opportunity for all.

What’s the best thing about living here?

A great benefit of living in Adelaide is that you have the city, ocean, hills and countryside at your fingertips, and it is never too far to travel to your favourite locations in any direction. Adelaide is a great city to live and work and it has really matured in the last decade, thanks to active city renewal, new venues and lifestyle options, and the ability to continually attract global talent and entertainment. In my opinion, Adelaide has shed the ‘sleepy city’ moniker and it is no wonder it is one of the most liveable cities on the planet.